surDRAFT is a freelance survey drafting business based globally but focused locally.

We aim to provide surveyors with an extra pair of drafting hands.


We specialise in calculation and drafting of:

  • Deposited Plans
  • Strata Plans (drafts for pre-sale and finals for registration)
  • Detail and Level Plans
  • Setout sketches
  • Ident survey sketches
  • Easement sketches
  • Work As Executed plans

If you are a small survey practice that doesn’t need a full time survey draftsmen, or a large survey firm with a sudden work overload, then surDRAFT is your answer.

Drop us an email any time of the day, any time of the week, for a quote on your next survey drafting requirement.

3 thoughts on “home

  1. Finally had a chance to have a look – seems very professional for a boy from the back blocks(Tullamore,Forbes,Sydney,Vallencia,infinity and beyond). Suggestion maybe try sending to all the local govt. areas in the Central West or maybe via Centroc which is the local govt. area association for central NSW. Worth a thought.

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