our style

To see some examples of our work, please click on the links.

  • DP of a Two Lot Subdivision – This was a duplex with party wall. We were able to show the party wall simply, without the need for a diagram, by using smart labeling and descriptions.
  • Strata Plan – A two lot strata plan where the building is part of the lot.
  • Setout Sketch – A setout sketch for a proposed residence and outbuilding drawn on an A3 page.  Can be done at any scale on any size paper. You’ll notice that the font is different, as we simply adapted to that particular client’s needs.
  • Knock Down Detail – A plan of that typical project, where the house is a knock-down and you only spend want to spend 1 or 2 hours on site. Same goes for the plan and you can see in this example the simplicity of the detail, showing all necessary elements for the Architect and Council’s needs, but keeping it under budget for our client.



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